Pocket Bully

Pocket Bully: Temperament, Training, & Care

Say hello to this pocket bully. A small dog whose name might trick you but don’t be fooled by the name “pocket“ this mighty dog is super strong, gentle, friendly, and charming. 

Origin and breed

During the 1990s in the United States, Pocket bully originated from the crossing of an American pit bull terrier and an English bulldog and both of them are known for their strength and agility. The aim was to make a compact-sized dog while maintaining their impressive traits.

The breeders focused on small dog individuals resulting in the creation of Pocket Bully. Due to its manageable size and loyalty, it makes them the best family dog. The name “ pocket “ is usually used for “American bully“ but most people use it to refer to a small-sized dog. 

Physical features

Height: Height can depend but normally weight is 17-22 Inches. 

Weight: The weight of a Pocket Bully can be from 10-25 pounds.

Ears: They may have cropped ears. 

Eyes:  They have very eagle-eyed or very intelligent eyes

Head: They have Broad and Bulky heads. 

Tail: Usually have straight tall.

Coat: Short coat in various other coats

Life Span: 10-13 years.

Temperament: Sweet, confident and friendly.

Nature and Training of Pocket Bully


Very friendly:

Due to their friendly nature, these are the best choice for family dogs. They are very loyal to their family and obey their commands. They love to get hugs and cuddles.

Good with children:

These types of dogs are very good and loyal to children. They enjoy playing and roaming with them. They are very tolerant and patient. Because of their playful temperament, they are the best dogs for households with children.

Pocket Pitbull



Pocket bullies are very intelligent and can be easily trained. Training on a daily basis is very important and is an essential part of a dog’s life.


Socializing your dog can help in his grooming a lot. Make your bully meet with other dogs and people nearby. Due to this an interaction will be made with the dog and will learn new things.

Daily walk:

The daily walk of your bully is the most essential part of his life. It helps the dog to be mentally and physically prepared. Morning walks are especially very helpful and effective.

Train on commands:

Pocket bullies are very genius dogs and can be easily trained if proper procedure is applied. Treat and train them very gently. Give them puzzles to solve so they will become more focused and efficient in their work.

Grooming and Maintenance of Pocket Bully

Bathing: Giving a bath to your bully 2 times a week is very healthy for the dog itself. It keeps him fresh, focused, active, and clean.  Bathing your dog will keep him away from many harmful viruses and diseases. 

Nail trimming: Cutting your dog’s nails on time is very important. Long nails can cause damage to walls, furniture, and to human skin itself. Cutting off their nails will keep them away from dirtiness.

Ears cleaning: Clean their ears every week to avoid infections.

Dental cleaning: Cleaning the teeth of your bully is a very important part. Strong teeth are very helpful for strong dogs and work as a backbone. Brush their teeth to prevent them from unwanted cavities and pain.

Exercise daily: Make sure you do exercises on your pocket bully daily. Exercises include daily morning walks, playtime, and interactive toys.

mini bully

Common health issues in Pocket Bully

Hip dysplasia: If the diet of the bully is not balanced then being overweight can cause hip dysplasia that can cause pain and discomfort in the joints.

Skin allergies: These types of bullies can be sensitive to allergies hence keeping them clean can avoid many allergies.

Eye problems: Many eye diseases like cherry eye can occur. To avoid these diseases, a weekly veterinary check-up is compulsory.

Heart issues: Many bullies can face heart-related issues, to avoid these issues veterinary check-ups and a healthy diet are very important.

Obesity: An unhealthy diet of a pocket bully can cause him obesity, which is very bad and unhealthy for the dog’s health.

Joint problem

Conditions like arthritis can cause joint problems making it difficult for the bully to walk or run. Regular running and walking are very important to avoid these joint problems.

Final verdict

In conclusion, it is clear how helpful and friendly our pocket bully is, it is a very friendly, genius, and active dog. He loves his family and is especially attached to children. They are very active in their work or exercises. Their body structure and strength are undefined. They have a muscular short-fit body making it easy to manage it anywhere in the home.

Cleaning their teeth, ears, and nails and giving them a walk every day can improve the focusing and activeness of the bully, moreover, it is very important to interact with him with other relatives and people nearby. On the other hand, there are also some diseases and problems that your bully might face but to avoid these diseases make sure that he is clean and maintains a balanced diet. Be very kind and gentle to your bully and he will be very nice, and sweet and will always obey your commands. So what are you waiting for guys!!! Go and get your pocket bully home!!!.


Their height can range from 11-22 inches making him one of the best family and smaller size dogs.

No, these bullies are very gentle, charming, and very friendly to their surroundings and family.

Yes, weekly check-ups of your bully are an essential part due to which you will be aware of all the problems and issues going on within your bully and you will be able to cure it on time.

Yes, these bullies are very genius and intelligent. They get attached to the environment very quickly and easily. To improve their focus and activeness you need to make your bully exercise and give them attractive puzzles to solve.

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