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The Ultimate Guide To The Exotic Bully And The Clean Exotic Bully

Do you wanna know about Exotic Bullies and Clean Exotic Bullies and how strong and friendly they can be? Do you also want to know how much the Micro Bully Can grow? Well in this article we will discuss some of their similarities and differences. moreover, we will discuss American Micro Bully’s physical appearance, health issues, maintenance, etc. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive and explore this article together.

Origin And Breed

The Clean Exotic Bully also known as American Exotic Bully is a relatively new breed, developed in the late 20’s in the United States, American exotic bully was developed from American pitbull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, and other types of bully breeds. The American micro bully was developed for companionship and to work on farms. They were selected for the traits of adaptability and loyalty.

The Exotic bully or Exotic Micro bully emerged in the 21st century in the United States. It was created through selective breeding within the American Bully breed. There are wide variations of Exotic Bullies like standard, micro, pocket, classic bully, etc.

exotic bully

Physical Features And Sizes

Both Exotic Micro Bully and Clean Exotic Bully have different types of physical features and sizes that are mentioned below :

Exotic Bully:

Height: The height of the Teacup Micro Bully is from 15.7 inches (standard) to under 13 inches (micro).

Weight: A Micro Bully can be 70.5 pounds to 81.5 pounds.

Tail: Tail size is normally Medium Length and a bit Low headed.

Head: They have Large, rounded, and broad heads.

Ears: Micro Pitbulls usually have Rose-shaped, upright ears.

Back: They have a square back having No slope.

Muzzle: Short, broad, and a wrinkled muzzle.

Coat: The Coat of Micro Pocket Bully is typically Short, smooth and glossy.

American Bully:

Height: 17-20 inches (43 to 51 cm)

Weight: 70-120 pounds (31 to 54 kg)

Tail: The Clean Exotic Bully has Short or medium-length tails.

Head: American Pocket bulls usually have big and blocky heads.

Ears: They can have cropped or natural ears.

Eyes: Medium-sized and expressive eyes.

Body: Muscular and strong.

Muzzle: Short and equal to head.

Coat: The coat of the Micro mini pitbull is smooth, shiny, and short.

Pocket Bully

Temperament And Training

Both Exotic Bully and American Bully are very active, strong, and friendly but some little bit similarities in temperament and training are mentioned.

Exotic bully


Exotic Bully dogs are easy to socialize with the environment and with other dogs also, they are very friendly with humans too. They are very opposite to their facial expression as they look very furious and angry but they are very generous and do not have any type of violent nature. They love having cuddles and hugs from their partner and owners.


  • Early walking is very important for these types of dogs to easily and fastly attract other dogs.
  • Be kind to them, and avoid harsh ways and punishments.
  • Teach them basics like sitting, stand run, etc so they can be in a proper manner and discipline.
  • Exercising regularly is a must for them, keeping them active both mentally and physically.

Exotic bullies can be less active at some activity levels due to which they need more exercise and support to make them good and strong dogs. Give your bully Attractive toys so they will be busy with them and try to be more active.

The Clean Exotic Bully


The Clean Exotic bullies are suitable for families due to their friendly and adapting nature. These types of dogs are very Protective and take care of their owner and family a lot. They are very friendly and get to know the environment very quickly.


  • Socialize Your dog with other relatives and dogs.
  • It is very important to do regular exercises on your American micro bully like walking in the morning, and other stuff.
  • Be very kind to your dog and give them treats after exercise and avoid harsh treatment.
  • Clean exotic bullies are more active as compared to Exotic bullies due to which they can easily pick up nature, environment, and surroundings.
  • Provide your bullies with mind puzzles so they can be more intelligent and more active.
Exotic bully

Common health issues in Exotic Bullies

Breathing problems: Exotic bullies can have breathing difficulty because of their Short muzzle.

Joint issues: They might face joint issues like Hip dysplasia.

Skin condition: They can have skin Allergies.

Eyesight and dental problems: Eye and dental problems may arise with the passage of time.

Common health issues in American Bully

Hip dysplasia: Joint infection can cause Hip dysplasia.

Skin allergies: Can face allergies and skin irritation.

Heart disease: Some of them might face heart issues.

Obesity: Overweight American pocket bully may cause obesity, so make sure their diet is balanced.

Eye problems: Issues such as cataracts may occur.

Grooming And Maintenance Of The Exotic Bully And Clean Exotic Bully

Brush regularly: Use a separate brush for cleaning their teeth and a brush for removal of hair loss.

Bath as needed: Giving a bath to your dog is very compulsory. Giving your dogs baths a few times a week is very important and will help them to stay safe from gems.

Nail Trimming: Long nails can cause them difficulties while walking and can cause some injuries to the owner while hugging or cuddling, cut the nails once a week.

Clean ears and eyes: Gently clean their eyes and ears to Prevent infections and diseases.

Healthy diet: You have to Constantly check their diet if it’s balanced or not, or else it can cause obesity provide them good and fresh food.

Show love: Always be kind to them, play with them, give them rewards on a daily basis, and avoid harsh tongues.

Regular Exercise: Giving exercise to your micro bully is very important for his overall health. Regular walking is the best source of energy for your dog.

Which Bully is Best For You?

We really hope you read the whole article but now let’s select the best bully for you, so there are many features in both American micro bully and micro exotic bully, well let’s do a comparison here.

Size: If you do not have enough space in your home and are having difficulties in petting a big dog, then Exotic bully is the best choice for you as it is smaller in size than an American bully.

Training: If you want your dog to be quickly trained and pick up everything easily then an American bully is better for you.

Active: If you want an active dog, an American bully is the best because he is very playful and active in all kinds of activities.

Grooming: If you don’t have enough time to do grooming for your dog like brushing, cleaning, bath, etc, then Exotic Bully is best for you as it does not require much grooming as compared to American Bully.


Both the Clean Exotic Bully and Micro Bully are very good and friendly dogs, but keep in mind their physical features, temperament, training, and grooming of them. If you are ready to take care of a dog then both the dogs are very good whether it’s an American Pocket bully or an Exotic bully.
After petting a dog, always try to keep them clean and neat. Focus on their diet a lot so they can be healthy and free from diseases. Give them baths and cut their nails at the proper time. Give your dog a walk every morning be very kind to them and give them rewards and train him.


No, there are many differences in their physical features and they also have different sizes.

Both the dogs are very friendly and generous, now it depends on you if you have enough space in your home then an American bully is good, but if you don’t have much space then an Exotic bully is best for you as his weight and height are small as compared to an American pocket bully.

No, Exotic bully are very friendly and family dog.

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